What the experts are saying!!

"BerrySki is a great way to make use of that BlackBerry just sitting in your pocket ..."

--Obi at CrackBerry


" It’s to a skier or snowboarder what Telenav or Garmin are to the driver or hiker. It’s accurate, offers great feedback, and if you’re into progress, this app is a fantastic tool for that"

-- Susan at BlackBerrySync


"Most importantly, however, BerrySki logs your data throughout the ski day"

-- FirstTracksOnline


"Keep an analysis of an entire day of skiing on your phone, and locate yourself on the mountain!"

--  Jason Reese at GearDiary


"This app is going to be a huge help when deciding whether to take that double black diamond, or to stick to the singles."

-- Matt Cameron at BlackBerryCool


"This is very useful when you go to skiing sites where you’re unable to get any Internet connections"

--KeyTung at TechChee


"the phone's GPS takes over to display your position on a map that shows not only lifts and trails, but also restaurants and apres-ski spots..."

-- The Ski Channel


"Using a GPS unit, you can also track yourself so you can not only see where you skied, but how fast and how far you went."

-- Joe at BlackBerry Soft


" ....uses the handheld device’s GPS capabilities to show your location on a ski area’s trail map, but also to log details of your day on the slopes."

-- Elliott Back at Mountain Community






"BerrySki ist eine umfangreiche App die für Skifahrer und Snowboarder .."





Roman Hoeller at AppReport