Gps Ski Maps for Japan

GPS Ski Maps for Japan Ski Resorts for Android®, Blackberry®, and iPhone



Keep track of all your skiing with smartphone in your pocket!

Our app  has GPS Ski Maps for popular Japan Ski Resorts.

You get instantaneous feedback about your skiing at any time. You can get bird's eye-view of your tracks overlaid on the map. You can also replay your tracks in an animated fashion.

At any time, it lets you view detailed analysis of your skiing activity, including trail by trail statistics e.g. you can find how fast you went on your last mogul run.

You can export your tracks, and share on Facebook, or download it for use with popular mapping software like Google Earth. Once maps are downloaded to your phone, no Cellphone Connectivity is required. View all the features here.  Want to see it in action? You can watch video of our app here?


"BerrySki is a great way to make use of that BlackBerry just sitting in your pocket while your on the slopes..." --From our CrackBerry Review.


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This app is available as part of Japan Ski Resort Package and provides access to more than 40 Japanese ski resorts.

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